माँ शकुंतला गौ सेवा धर्मार्थ ट्रस्ट

Maa Shakuntala Gau Sewa Dharmarth Trust

Maa Shakuntala Gau Sewa Dharmarth is founded by a group of individuals who provided care to ill, injured and stray Cows. We are located at Rishikesh. It is a registered community by the Government of India. At present, our Samiti is providing help and care to more than 21 Cows.

We respect every living creature alike, no matter whether it is a human being, plant or animal and bird. We strongly believe in the Indian culture of living in harmony with nature and the world. That’s the reason we are indulged in animal welfare as much as in other welfare activities.

We know that being humans, we have luxury of sharing our feelings with others through use of words and languages, but what about animals? They just cannot share their agonies, grief, pain and wish! That’s why it is our duty to help them in the best possible way to their lives may become easy whether in night or day.


Our aiim is to protect the Indian Cows & improve their Feeding & Living Standards & keep them in a clean atmosphere.

माँ शकुंतला गौ सेवा धर्मार्थ ट्रस्ट

The importance of Gau Mata (the holy mother cow)

Thirty-three million demi-gods reside in mother cow (gau Mata). The cow is our mother. The atmosphere of a house where there is a cow is very pure. Since all the demi-gods are present in a cow, we do not consider a cow as an ordinary animal; this is part of our culture. Similarly, Tulsi is not an ordinary plant. In our religion and culture, we also acknowledge rivers as Maa, for example, Ganga Maiya, Narmada Maiya, Yamuna Maiya. We worship the mountains and trees.

In English, the word country is assigned a female gender. However, female has many forms. What form do we regard our country? We regard it as our mother which is why we refer to it as Bharat Mata. ‘Bha’ means devotion or knowledge, ‘Rat’ means immersed in it, hence Bharat means a place where its people are immersed in devotion or knowledge.

When thirty-three million demi-gods resided in the cow, Lakshmiji arrived late. She said to the mother cow, “Mataji, please provide me with space too.”
Mother cow replied, “Sorry, a house full!”
To this Lakshmiji said, “You have given everyone a place, why not me?”
Mother cow replied, “There is no other place except one now, which is my cow dung”.

Shri Lakshmi Maa accepted this happily and resided in cow dung. This is why cow dung is spread inside houses traditionally. Shri Lakshmiji is present where the earth is pure. When used as manure, it feels as though the plants that grow are not just plants, it is invaluable wealth! Such is the importance of our holy mother cow.

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